What makes a great teacher even better? Programs with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences require students to make a B or better in all coursework on the degree plan. They discussed the recent conferences, research, and the newly re-instated Society for Engineering Technology which Adrian is heading up as the first president. November 8, – PSD: Any transcript provided by the student, unless sealed in the original envelope, will be considered unofficial. Other topics included how to utilize social media outlets like Instagram for professional purposes, some examples of what not to post online and the repercussions of doing so, and how to be aware of cultural differences, personal biases, and ways to adapt our communication to meet the distinctions of various cultures.

Back to Top When will I receive my diploma? An Italian style lunch was catered by Aramark the Spinach Lasagna was awesome! More in-depth information is available in the Catalog. Watch the Writing Tips and Tricks 2 video. A short session of questions and answers followed. Then, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, we discussed the recent developments in zombie television!

Please refer to the Department Directory for assistance in contacting the correct department. Klaehn explains that the first step formatting the written thesis is often intimidating and where many students may falter in the process, then he shows us some amazing tricks to create a document thesi matches the thesis guideline requirements. Dashia and I heard that budgets are a great way to track this, but if we want to attain some long-term goals like a cabin in the mountains for retirementthen we need annual as guidelibes as monthly budgets.


We also discussed the prospect of attending future psychology conferences and reminisced about past conferences that we had qtamu, caught up on life events, updated each other on our new-found research interests, and debated the origin of communication as possibly based on gender-need.

Local or county licensing authorities may issue additional guidelines related to criminal history. August 1 Students who are required to take comprehensive exams must apply to take the exam with their academic department.

The Thesis Guide and Dissertation Guide are intended to summarize the major elements of thesis and dissertation preparation. Please contact your program advisor to set up a time for the comprehensive exam. Fast-food is more expensive both monetarily and temporally just think about how much time it wtamk to get to and through the drive-up window — I could have made a meal at home in less time.

It was a wonderful evening of catching up with friends and enjoying great food.

wtamu thesis guidelines

Skip to Main Content. Please review our application and admission steps for detailed guidflines on how to apply to graduate school at WTAMU. Do I have GPA and grade requirements? Their communication presentations examined the many modifications to services like LinkedIn and ResearchGate that allow professionals to convey their past and current activities, their interests, and connect with others in their fields. I am trying to access a dissertation and it says there is an embargo.

Each program advisor will review and evaluate coursework students wish to transfer to determine if it is acceptable towards their degree requirements. Students listed as non-degree seeking are not eligible for Financial Aid. International students are citizens of or permanent residents of a country other than the United States or U. Blaser, Chen, and Rhoades into the project. guideoines


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Programs in the College of Business will allow only six credits transferred from other institutions. A short session of questions and answers followed. In Connecting-the Dots, you should know the current research and researchers in your field as well as the organization you are applying to and how you will contribute.

Along with Dustin and myself, those who attended included Edward, Jessica, and Dashia plus a few significant others.

wtamu thesis guidelines

It is important thesiis not dismiss any matches until you have researched their details like knowledge, skills, and abilities needed along with average earnings. Students must regain a 3. Academic probation may affect tuition rates and financial aid.

Theses & Dissertations

Where do I send my admission materials? Communication Skills for a Global World video. How do I sign up for my comprehensive exam? De’Arno De’Armond to the Grad Suite for a discussion on personal finances and budgeting for debt repayment.

Attendees learned about some of the most important factors in completing a thesis project. You must apply for graduation guidelnes if you do not plan to attend the commencement ceremony. March 7, – PSD: Back to Top I want to take a few courses without pursuing another degree non-degree seeking. I attended a foreign university.