A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required. If for any reason an internal examiner is unable to be present in person, participation via video-conferencing may be approved by FGS depending on the constitution of the committee and the presence of other examiners. If the table or figure is oversized, it is recommended that they be reduced in size in such a way that they remain clearly legible. To provide adequate and correct documentation is not only an indication of academic honesty but is also a courtesy which enables the reader to consult these sources with ease. A description of the purpose or significance of the text or image should also be provided. The examination will be conducted by the Dean of Graduate Studies or the Dean’s designate chosen from among scholars of the University.

The Chair outlines the procedures for the conduct of the examination for the candidate, examining committee, and audience as follows:. All original materials should be of high quality, with sharp and clear images. Students at the U of M have sole copyright ownership over their document that is submitted as a requirement of an academic program. Students can request the Libraries to do the conversion at no charge. Below are two examples of the milestones that are normally encountered in research-based graduate programs. It is the responsibility of the Department to reserve the room for the oral examination and notify FGS of the date, time and location. General introduction and welcome The Chair welcomes all of those in attendance and impresses upon the candidate, the examiners, and the audience that this occasion is the senior academic event in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and is a formal examination process prior to awarding the highest academic degree of the University of Manitoba; Introduction of candidate and examiners Referring to the Examination Program, the Chair:

Full justification of the text is not required. Page numbers should be right justified. Library and Archives Canada guidelines and copyright information is available on its website. Doctoral students must pass an oral examination of the subject of their thesis and matters relating thereto before they may obtain the Ph. Following completion of umanitooba examination. View sample b Abstract The abstract is expected to provide a concise account of the thesis or practicum.


The Chair notes that ample time will be given to ensure that the examiners are able to complete their questions and that they may raise additional matters after hearing the initial round of questions.

umanitoba thesis guidelines

Students can request the Libraries to do the conversion at no charge. This work may include, but not be restricted to:.

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Visit the Copyright Office website at http: The digital version must conform to the specifications outlined in this guide. Thesis” form, including any members who attended the defence remotely.

The advantages of electronic submission include: In some cases, approval from an agency or institution or corporation may have been required before the information gathering procedures could proceed. Program information At least two weeks prior to the proposed date the following information must be received by the Faculty of Graduate Studies:. Students are encouraged to review the e-thesis submission requirements prior to creating a digital version.

Immediate and full publication on the web. Font size should be no less than 12 pt Times Roman. The University of Manitoba U of M requires that all theses and practica reasonably conform to the specifications provided in this document.

umanitoba thesis guidelines

A thorough examination and defence of the thesis serves as the University’s guarantee that the standards of the Guldelines. The Chair also notes that the Candidate’s ability to present the thesis clearly and concisely in a 25 to 30 minute period is an essential part of the examination process.

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Roman numerals should be used for the prefatory pages. Distribution of Thesis and Practicum to the Libraries. Outline of procedures for the Oral Examination. Financial assistance received to conduct the research should be included here. Submit a copy of the Ethics Approval Letter received from the REB and any other pertinent access approval forms if applicable.


It is not necessary to state the source of well-known or easily verifiable facts, but students are expected to appropriately acknowledge the sources of ideas and expressions they use in their written work, whether quoted directly or paraphrased. The Chair reminds the examiners that they will each be initially allowed approximately 20 minutes to pose their questions and that, because this is an examination on which candidates may, and do, pass or fail, their comments and discussions on the subject matter of the thesis, apart from those essential to the questions, should be made only at the post-examination meeting of the examiners.

Students should consult with their Advisor or Graduate Chair regarding time to completion. However, the document submitted by the student to the U of M becomes the property of the University. The thesis must constitute a distinct contribution to knowledge in the major field of study and the material must be of sufficient merit to be, in the judgment of the examiners, acceptable for publication. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required.

The oral examination is open to all members of the University community.

The normal length of time for completion of the program of study, including the course work and thesis or practicum is two 2 years for a Master’s degree and four 4 years for a Ph. The title page should contain the following information: