This way the stragglers who don’t make it inside or to the designated area will place the homework on the floor or ground, then proceed to do it there. Read and heed the Forum Rules , please! Did you reorganize your Downloads folder? If she put the homework down on a surface it would be lost. It’s one of the two big bugs that I know of yet to be squashed.

I don’t have that option on my bookcases. One of my sim’s children was taken away because he failed school because even though I watched him get on the bus he skipped school and didn’t do his nonexistant homework Neko , Sep 7, I brought down a house from the gallery to replace my existing home and now my teens homework is missing. If you have a kids bookcase, then I don’t think you can buy from it, I noticed that in a let’s play, but my low cost wall mounted bookshelf from the storage section has the buy book options. As long as there is no computer on that desk the child will automatically put homework on the desk and use that desk to do homework when you direct them to do so. First, look around the house, they might’ve not put it back into their inventory.

I bought it but I’m back to no Do Homework option. I love this board! Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc.

Just to confirm what’s been said cajt One of my sim’s children was taken away because he failed school because even though I watched him get on the bus he skipped school and didn’t homeworo his nonexistant homework My husband is sidneydoj. Boards The Sims 4 I sold my Sims homework. My teen has been missing her homework since the first time she finished it I kind of hope its the same case here I had another house that had multiple children on the second floor and yes, they’ve had problems getting up the stairs and decided to instead put their homswork on the ground As good as Sims 3 yet?


Although if you would prefer to just live with it you could try downloading new homework for them from simlogical.

OttieSep 6, I’ve had homework come up missing and I later find them in someone else’s inventory. And welcome to the forum!

ts4 cant find homework

The only options I get are “put away” and “place in world”. No such thing happened.

Missing Homework

The order the mods and hacks are in can make a difference too. Has anyone had the same problem or is it just me? If a large family hasn’t enough room for all kids to have a desk, you can put Mog’s object on the floor or line them on a wall shelf. It wasn’t something I did at random, I did it because I basically couldn’t get him to “do homework”.

I’ve checked her inventory and its not there and I’ve also looked around the house. It could be that your sim was in the middle of doing homework when you replaced the house. Please login or register. I remember in TS3 nothing happened if they were failing. He’s a teenager and we were doing ok with all the homework when he was a kid but when he aged up it got stuck.


Missing Homework

Read and heed the Forum Rulesplease! Register Here to get rid of ads when browsing the forum. I haven’t downloaded any new hacks or mods or anything before this started happening Quick Reply Print version Search this Thread.

ts4 cant find homework

I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count. They will get off the bus, one at a time which gives you the chance to watch tw4 take out their homework, pause the game and click ‘do homework’ before they even make it inside.

I hope that works for you! TanenaSep 9, Yes, you can buy both school levels of homework from the bookcase.

So I thought I’d sell it to see if on the next day of school he would come back with brand new notebook. Since teens come home earlier, they do their homework and finish before the child comes home, then the child can use the same desk.