Searchable PDF files enable fulltext indexing which facilitates web retrieval. What is the format of a detailed scheme of research that needs to be submitted together with the probationary report for confirmation purpose? Please print out the form for submission to the Faculty Office for processing. When is the period for Course Enrolment? Yes, you are required to submit your progress monitoring report during your study leave as you are still working on your research. How long can I take for leave of absence?

The candidate’s period of study for the degree shall be counted from the initial date of registration. My candidature expires at the end of this month and I am going to submit my thesis by that time. It should start on or before the actual date of birth of the child. If students would like to take more than 14 days of vacation leave in one year, they may be allowed to advance the following year’s vacation leave, subject to approval from the supervisor and the Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee DRPC. Approval of restricted access to an e-thesis for 1 year only is automatic upon application as described above.

What should I do if I cannot complete the required proportion of coursework by the end of the probationary period? Please note that this is not a mandatory requirement but a preference only. The examination process normally takes around months from thesis submission to oral examination.

Nonetheless, if the student needs a longer period to finish her thesis at the end of her study period, she can apply for an extension of candidature.

Postgraduate scholarship PGS will not be paid to students during non-study leave. No, you are not allowed to carry forward any unused leave to the next month period. However, University fees shall be paid in advance. Permission for absence of up to one month may be granted by the DRPC on the flrm of the candidate’s supervisor s.


thesis submission form hku

You are most encouraged to submit your thesis earlier than the expiry date of your candidature. The thesis submitted for examination shall be typewritten or printed on one side or both sides in A4 paper except for drawings, maps or tables on which no restriction is placed.

HKUL: HKU Electronic Theses & Dissertations – How to Submit an ETD?

Leave on a weekday is counted as a whole day, i. For transfer of curriculum, the candidate’s new period of study for the degree shall be counted from the initial date of registration. Maternity leave is introduced w. Maternity leave tbesis introduced w.

Acceptable file types are listed below. Is there any restriction on the length of the thesis?

Can I submit my thesis before the expiry of candidature? Do I need to apply for early submission of thesis? Please click here for the documents that you have to submit in support of your application for paternity leave. You have to submit an application for extension of candidature to your Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee DRPC via your primary supervisor s no later than 3 months before the period of study is due to expire. It should start on or before the actual date of birth of the child.

What are the study periods of different curricula? To check with the Libraries, please contact libetd hku. I am going to be submisslon father. It should start on or before the actual date of birth of the child. Any period of paternity leave granted will be counted towards the period of study.


thesis submission form hku

First, if you wish to apply for fofm transfer of candidature, you should have confirmed your candidature and completed all coursework requirements satisfactorily. Students enrolled in joint programmes are expected to spend half of their study period at the partner institution, and are allowed to take study leave of up to half of their period of study.

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Accompanying multi-media files Besides the text-embedded PDF file, students may embed multi-media files in their theses. The Graduate School also publishes a booklet titled Preparing and Submitting Your Thesis which gives in detail the suggested format for the thesis and the abstract. Such transfer, if approved, shall be effected at least three months prior to the expiry of the MPhil candidature unless special approval has given by the Faculty.

How can I apply for change of course s?

Credit s arising from the taking of non-study leave will be carried forward to offset composition fee in the ensuing instalment. Calendar days are counted, including any intervening Sundays and public holidays.

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