I seem to have interpreted the question in a different way than you. He relates the experience of being favored over a pregnant woman, and how that made him feel. Your comments are very similar to the rest. Blog Creative Writing About Mrs. By Birnbaum using his experience of what its like to be handicapped, and how our treatment as a society is received by him, it gives us a new lens to view the situation through.

I have seen personally that many people do not move over for people in wheelchairs. Write a min. I do agree that his personal stories helped the essay as well. He takes advantage of his new status by cutting in front of lines at the DMV, the movies as well as many other places where people tend to have to wait in a line. Some people that I have talked to about how the wheel chair changed their life have different responses.

February 11, “The Catbird Seat” by David Birnbaum – Mrs. Weber’s English

He’s in a wheelchair! Patronizing — Treat with an apparent kindness that thessi a feeling of superiority. I have a successful career and live independently. I like the way you portray the message of the story, and how you change it to lamen terms so that “Joe the plumber” thssis understand them, even if he didn’t originally understand the true meaning of the story.

Would you like to get such a paper? He shows personal experiences that he has been through during his life that shows the advantages of being disabled. His davif open your eyes to the world around you. They need to respect others and not try to get things that they do not deserve.


I have seen personally that many people do not move over for people in wheelchairs.

The Catbird Seat

He showed up late to work and got away with it. I think his personal experience makes it a little more convincing. He gives daily life examples of his life to show catblrd stands above him and what special benefits have he conquered due to his accident.

I agree that some people do take advantage of others sympathy and this story has a message behind the fact that people are willing to go out of their way to help someone with a disability. I also agree with your last sentence because people should praise them for what they have overcome and not give them caatbird because not all people want pity and it isn’t fair.

I really thought you got your point across.

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

Nikki your best friend. He may never get use of his limbs back. His life stories make it more convincing, but I agree his viewpoint on life is wrong. Through all of these experiences, days, and events, he grew to realize that he should be treated with special privileges.

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All of these are privledges that he experienced showing the way that society seems to work: For example when he rushes into the elevator people commment on his actions. People almost always give disabled people and people in wheelchairs the benefit of the doubt and naturally give them the privileges that David describes in this story.


The way you explained it is also good. He shows the readers that society is segregated because of the American with Disabilities act. His pecking order actually seems correct to me, and his examples from his personal experience do a good job of backing that order up. Birnbaum shows that, although he lost use of his legs, he gained a variety of benefits which allow him to cope and conquer his quadriplegia.

the catbird seat david birnbaum thesis

He knew that people treated him differently because he was in a wheelchair, but it did not bother him. It is a real life experience. While his own examples makes his personal experiences seem reliable, there may be ctabird people in the world who have not had the same experience.

Write a min.

Exploiting The Catbird Seat Essay Sample

He finds out in the end that “Blind trumps wheelchair; wheelchair trumps pregnant; pregnant trumps old; old trumps whatever is left”. I think that his examples may prove to be powerful seatt relevant to some but I also think that they show a weakness.

But in the end he realizes that he s like everyone else and even some people have it worse than him. These examples make thessis see from a wheelchair point of view, proving his point and making the essay more reliable.