Making a Capuchin Sundial. Introduction to Forces Lab: The Paper Tower Lab: Energy and Work Worksheet: Chapter 33 Defining Terms. Chapter 18 Defining Terms.

Surface Gravity and Weight L ab: Read Chapter 25 pages Slinkies and Simulating the Motion of an Earthquake. Voltage in Electrical Circuits Ohm Zone. Lab Constructing a Sundial. Making a Capuchin Sundial.

Read Chapter 35 pages Trebuchet Construction Tips Lab: Electricity and Magnetism Test Review Worksheet: Scientific Method and Optical Illusions.

Specific Heat of Metals. Surface Gravity and Weight L ab: Chapter 1 and 2 Review Worksheet: Chapter 1 and 2: Clay Boats and Archimedes Principle Lab: Making a Whistle Lab: Fill-in phyzics prior to lecture Complete Cornell notes questions Complete worksheets see schoolloop Study for Tests and Quizzes review notes, worksheets, and online practice tests.

Defining Terms Chapter 26 Worksheet: Defining Terms Chapter 25 Worksheet: Chapter 1 Student Notes: Chapter 24 Defining Terms Worksheet: Circular Motion and Forces Lab: Trebuchets and the Conservation of Energy Lab: Linear Motion Word Problems Worksheet: Stopwatch on the Computer.


Newton’s Hpmework Law of Motion-Inertia.

Take advantage of the 30 minute tutorial on Wednesday and Thursday. Temperature, Heat, and Expansion.

Chapter 35 Defining Terms. Concept Review Chapter 27 Worksheet: Making a Pinhole Magnifier Lab: Equation Review Chapter 34 Worksheet: Circular Motion Wo rksheet: Chapter 36 Defining Terms.

physics homework #37

You will be allowed to use a calculator. Energy and Work #7 Practice Quiz Chapter 8. Motion and Forces chapters Concept Review Chapter 25 Worksheet: The Parallelogram Rule Worksheet: Circuits and Ohm’s Law.

physics homework #37