Sticking with an algebra theme we are now investigating Fibonacci sequences. This powerful application enables you to explore enlargements by manipulating an object shape and a centre-of-enlargement. Learn to balance chemical equations with this flash activity. Representing vectors Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Parts of a circle Tablet enabled – iPad Android more

Tower of Hanoi challenge Put your mental capabilities to the test with this ancient puzzle. You can also set up simple problems by hiding the numerator and denominator and asking the class to work them out. Up to four different sets of locus conditions can be defined and layered on the chart. Here is the document I produced to support teachers with developing the skills neededs to solve finding all possibilities problems. Not seeing what you want? Our hens are mathematical experts and they will fire their eggs towards the correct answer. Year 4 Digit Sum plan.

Year 4 Digit Sum plan.

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You will need to unzip it, open the folder and locate the word document: There are four equations of motion that can be used to solve problems whenever an object moves in a straight line with a constant acceleration. Do you have a suggestion? More ‘paint a pie chart’ activities. Help kung fu chicken in his quest to simplify fractions by finding the common factors of the numerator and denominator. The addition can be graphically visualised using free vectors, a common origin configuration, the parallelogram construct or vector chains.


Brush up on factors, multiples and prime numbers with this selection of Venn diagram activities.

ngfl maths problem solving

Use your knowledge of algebra and inter-planetary flight to gently land your spaceship on the moon pads in the correct order. Algebra 1 simultaneous equations. A simple but effective function machine.

By playing this game your students will develop a variety of mental strategies that help them to identify equivalent fractions. Can you find a quick way of adding all the numbers that he might have used?

Everything hyperlinks from there. Pulleys Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Also useful for illustrating how to represent fractions in their simplest form.

ngfl maths problem solving

The ultimate reaction test Tablet enabled – ngffl Android more Improper and mixed fractions Tablet enabled – iPad Android more There are also some examples of questions from the New Level 2 Certificate in Additional Mathematics to challenge the more able students. The sum of two even integers is always even Tablet enabled – iPad Android more The Talking Partners Videos require the students to decide which mths has given the correct solution to the problem.

With the more able children we concentrated on multiplication using the grid method and using algebra to find the reason why the difference increases in square numbers.


ngfl maths problem solving

Planet information gap Information gap activities require children to work in pairs and share information verbally. Drawing bearings Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Not seeing what you want? Solve the equation Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Play this beautiful game as often as you can and you’ll soon know your times tables inside out.

What are the two numbers? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This powerful application has a host of features including a protractor and the ability to view your graph in 3D.

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The product of two odd integers is always odd Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Venn diagrams Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Up to four problemm sets of locus conditions can be defined and layered on the chart. I have uploaded smartbord files accompanying these activities to the tes website.

Students are shown an equation and must choose a solution from several numbers bouncing around the screen.