The fundamental question is: Having deep cash pockets but no signs of domestic growth in the existing business, Swisscom is put onto Crossroads. This has led to two global effects:. In common with every other geography, competition is intensifying. Swisscom is offering one of the lowest growth rates in the sector. In order to do so Swisscom needs to be able to control costs and competition, of course aided by the relatively high pricing in its market, and a sluggish regulatory environment. Development Politics Reaching Out to People:

The author assumes that whilst a performance gap can often be closed by focusing on superior execution, with no change to business design, closing an opportunity gap requires a new business design. What segments should Swisscom enrich, especially domestically, going out from the status quo? We expect to see further pressure on voice prices over time as mobile operators look to increase the rate of substitution of fixed traffic and VoIP begins to disrupt traditional pricing models even further. The mandate of the main stock owners is to steadily increase profits. If there would be a value statement, it would say:

Yet here prices are declining due to commoditisation.

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Whereas the telecommunications marketplace has historically comprised companies with very similar strategies, we are already seeing increasing diversity in the strategies adopted as operators react to the more challenging competitive environment. The author assumes that whilst a performance gap can often be closed by focusing on superior execution, with no change to business design, closing an opportunity gap requires a thesie business design. Why do Small Companies outsource so rarely?

master thesis swisscom

The total net profits after taxes thsis amount to 1. Picture 6 – As Swisscom notes itself, the net internal revenue declines and the external revenue is not growing. Service Sector – Internation In essence, it would have meant to be a subsidy of several billions into the neighboured country. Sinceglobal investor confidence is slowly returning after the turmoil awisscom recent years but operators remain under intense pressure to deliver on their commitments.

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However, if the level of demand for ADSL services is lower than expected, or if Swisscom was forced to significantly reduce its access tariffs for ADSL services due to strong competition, the revenues and profitability of its Fixnet business would be affected negatively. This thesis looks onto which new tasks must be defined, which new thessi built, and also whether a new culture must be nurtured.


What segments should Swisscom enrich, especially domestically, going out from the status quo? To drive increases in the current valuation we believe a series of short term actions are required to secure the wsisscom, as well as growth initiatives to improve free cash flow quickly, coupled with longer term transformational actions that will bring sustainable benefits to the business.

Hands- Out governance model, which leads to a selective top-down independence of the related businesses. The most significant challenge for Swisscom is topline growth.


This also affects Swisscom. Consulting and Integration hence tends thesia be highly specialised and lives from key individuals. The telecommunications industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate driven by changes in the pattern of customer demand, technological innovation, regulatory intervention and the entry of new players. It is also assumed that this new business design must be executed at the same time whilst even accelerating cost savings in its base businesses. Unlike many other services industries, the Telecommunications industry has a high degree of global standardisation in the way they describe their services, the way they provision their services and the way they market, sell and bill those services.

Christoph von Gamm Author. This convergence will sdisscom several forms. The mobile phone appears theeis have such a strong loyalty as a personal device amongst consumers that it probably will be the focus of such convergence, especially in the enterprise space. The IT Supplier side – a different set of players – mainly IBM, HP, Sun, Microsoft and Oracle is competing fiercly, yet the margin pressures here are still lower due to a higher overall innovation yield.

Double Numbers of subscribers in DSL do add growth yet do not compensate for price shortfalls and increased competitions in fixline business. The perception does exist inside Swisscom that the Telecommunications Industry, as it is defined today is a stable and flat business which is under severe pricing competition and tends to commoditise.


In order to compete with other broadband access operators more effectively, Swisscom has already had to reduce its ADSL access tariffs significantly.

Inthe revenue analysis by Swisscom – taken from the annual report 6 – depicts the following three main aspects Moreover, with strong competition and the high rate of mobile penetration in Switzerland, customer retention costs have increased substantially, which is putting additional pressure on margins.

master thesis swisscom

Thus the external equation is a top line of 50 Million Swiss Francs to the 14,5 billions, less than a third Percent, actually. The company tries to offer a portfolio of related services and essentially by focusing on some core capabilities – such as delivering services to a broad user range – generate more rent than others see Grant.

Swisscom, mainly residing in Bern should focus onto its Bernese region first and foremost to become successful in IT Services. A larger endeveour in this standardisation is often where corporate processes do start and where they verticalise – IBM has been involved in early in a project that detailedly describes the start. In this quantified assessment the discrepancy between current business results and those achievable with a new business design will be looked at whilst encompassing the looming new disruptive technologies – Voice Over IP and Public Wireless LAN above.

Development Politics Reaching Out to People: Inattention to organizational capabilities will almost ensure that a promising strategy delivers disappointing results, as a result, we will go out from the Status Quo Swisscom has and see what strategic chasm needs to be bridged.