Time Limits and Time Management In a scholarly work: To misrepresent the contributions of collaborators to joint work would constitute academic fraud, and it would be subject to the same sanctions for fraud prescribed by the University. The Work Plan A student should develop a work plan for the thesis. The guide may be printed in its entirety at: Supervision of students in interdisciplinary programs Sometimes finding a thesis supervisor can be more challenging for a student in an interdisciplinary program. If a student is enrolled in a collaborative program that is, a program involving more than one academic unit at least one examiner will normally be approved by the director or coordinator of the collaborative program.

In all fields you must develop a system for keeping track of references and any thoughts or ideas you have while reading a particular source. Successfully defending your thesis or dissertation can be one of your proudest achievements. In this section k. The thesis supervisor may remain but cannot vote. If the request is approved, the Thesis Sector will make arrangements for a videoconference. Include on the title page the: Effective May 15, these boards are:

Please note that absence has an impact on eligibility for funding. Materials to avoid Try to avoid using: In addition to the contents outlined below, your academic unit may have additional requirements, so be sure to find out what is accepted in your particular academic aubmission before preparing your thesis. Remember that some research projects require other approvals such as ethical clearances.

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One copy of the thesis must be submitted for each examiner and one copy for the supervisor. However, it is understood that everyone has to do the equivalent work as part of the preparation of their thesis or research paper.


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Final Report Guidelines The report must be typed. Note however that a contract binds both parties to the agreement. If the grade is sent to the FGPS before the submjssion of the cancellation period, students may then cancel their registration as long as they were registered for that activity in the previous session.

Submission and evaluation

This written permission usually comes from the publisher. There are different committees to review these applications and different forms.

Conclusion The conclusion sums up the content and findings of the thesis and ideally goes a step further, suggesting areas for further research and investigation. The supervisor might also be able to arrange for a colleague to supervise the student during the leave period. Please see the sample in Appendix B. On the uO Research Web site, to which there is a link from the FGPS Web site, there is a checklist students can use to make sure they have completed all necessary steps.

The thesis must be an original work of the author. Request for Graduation There is also a form you have to fill out to apply for graduation. Registration time limits There are some rules about completing a thesis and a degree that students and supervisors should know.

Many students include acknowledgements submissiom help of a personal nature in this section, something that is entirely at their discretion, as distinct from the obligatory acknowledgements mentioned above. Tables in the text must be numbered in order of appearance. Your thesis supervisor may have a preference, so check this out.


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Once the student and supervisor have discussed and agreed on the work plan, the student should give the supervisor a copy. Over theses are recommended each year. It is up to the student to determine whether permission is required. The office also has other resources to assist students and supervisors. The FGPS does not provide this service. Thesis supervision Different steps to the thesis supervision, the types of supervision and other useful information. Your thesis must be submitted to your supervisor in examinable form by the following deadlines in order to qualify for graduation.

Perhaps your thesis supervisor has superior knowledge in one area related to your thesis but is not quite as knowledgeable in another.

All primary data should be promptly recorded in clear, adequate, original and permanent form which should not leave the laboratory or unit at any time. Submissioh that unsatisfactory progress places you at immediate risk of losing your admission or other scholarship.

fgps thesis submission

Theses defended after that date are included in the following year’s competition. Successfully defending your thesis or dissertation can be one of your proudest achievements.

It can be helpful to have a contract specifying these points. Theses are stored in an institutional depository called uO Research.