In this thesis, I set out to explore design approaches and interpretations of sound in interactive commodities. The continuing discussion on the effects of the Bologna process and lifelong learning as well as collaboration within these networks provides an important basis for the international strategy of the university. Both from a methodological point of view and as far as knowledge transfer and art education are concerned, the challenging relationship between science and art requires extensive research and development of the arts in one single process. I therefore use weight to make sound. For example, animals were already used as motifs in art in caveman paintings. I hope I can by way of weight to feel them when them is gone. A particular insight was that abstract and affective qualities play an important role in interpretation and are often combined with concrete, indexical sounds.

I took part in several art projects as an art director and designer in Paris and Istanbul. These are held on a regular basis multiple times per year and provide information concerning the following topics: He does research and artworks focus in the Human – Computer Interaction on the field of how technology affects human behaviors such: I tried to produce device that can make sound when a person plays it. After graduating from information management,he study on visual communication at Kun Shan University,both for graphic design and multimedia,He major in design interactive game with different sensors.

Related to this are the various forms sounds can relate to gesture and movement. Attestation of general university entrance qualification for admission to doctorate programmes is considered provided by submitting proof of the successful completion of a thematically relevant master or diploma course, of a thematically relevant diploma or master degree of a university of applied sciences or of another, equivalent programme completed at a duly accredited Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution.

My graduation thesis was kunsruni “Applications of Synaesthesia into Arts” and on that theme, as a synaesthete, sho worked on abstract paintings, digital videos, graphic designs, and kunstuuni installations which were based on the translation from characters into colours. These devices also pose a new and exciting challenge for Auditory Display and Sonic Interaction Design, because these objects facilitate new configurations of sound, materiality and interaction, and also will lead to new forms of how interactive, even autonomous, objects become meaningful in a socio-cultural context.


University of Arts and Design Linz

MArch in architecture Dipl. His skills and sensibilities bring together different fields to produce unique outcomes, resulting in a body of work which includes original concepts, artistic collaborations, academic research and creative approaches to technology in professional contexts. Currently he works on the project “maschine-mensch”, which pervertes the relationship between machine ,unstuni man.

Before she began to study Interface Cultures she graduated at School for fashion and textile-technology, Salzburg. His practice now incorporates networked interfaces with online dissrrtation systems, focussing on the immersive nature of these spaces and the juxtaposition of identity and spacial orientation within them.

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The university has full right of promotion. These include both non-mediated and mediated references and a range of analogies, including formal, procedural and crossmodal analogies. Meanwhile, she is planning curatorial concepts about media art in South-East Europe. Born in Germany, studies since in Austria.

Facultad de Bellas Artes San Carlos. She wrote several articles for exhibition catalogues which were presented at the exhibitions in Kosovo and Macedonia and was the head of the board at the Kosovo Art Gallery in Prishtina from January to June This thesis explores the use of Embodied Interaction and playfulness as effective creative strategies in the design of human-machine interactions, employed towards aspects of usability and expressiveness of participatory experiences and interactive artworks.

dissertation kunstuni linz

Her present interests are focused on how technology can influence life and enable the creation of digital artworks involving interaction with people. At least we expect a profound knowledge of English from the students and is is strongly recommended to attend a German course during the exchange in Linz.

He has also exhibited throughout Perth, Melbourne and online. In all cases this work should be documented in an argued and reproducible manner.

I studied Avand-Garde Art theory in early 20th. After completing High School in Salzburg I moved dissdrtation America for a year where I travelled, worked and took some college courses.


We consider this important, try to support it through international cooperation and give it due in curriculum design.

dissertation kunstuni linz

Since I have been studying Industrial Design at the Art University in Linz and have since found myself considering the combination of new media technologies with formal dissertatin language to communicate information. This dissertation thesis focuses on the visual motifs. To achieve this in sufficient quantity and depth, I devised a series of design workshops as research labs.

Kunstuniversität Linz: Graduates / Doctoral Thesis

As a rule, doctorate students work mainly on their respective project and are assisted in this task by their supervisor. Altogether, nine workshops were executed, resulting in 29 cases. Apart from this, also musical forms, and effects related to space or recording and reproduction technology can influence and direct interpretational processes.

This involved stance allowed the creative development of original and informative experiences of human-computer interaction, as opposed to designs which iterate on established product genres and preconceptions. Compliance with this catalogue of activities as well as the mode of its implementation are documented at the end of each semester by means of progress reports.

In recent years incoming as well as outgoing rates have increased significantly. If a co-operation agreement regarding PhD student supervision was concluded with another institution, duly authorised persons of this institution are equally entitled to act as supervisors.

They not only make international and multicultural issues more visible and perceptible for everybody, but also enhance the internationalisation of those members of the university who – for one reason or the other – are not able to go abroad themselves Today the University of Art and Design Linz participates more intensively than ever within the activity of international organisations and networks of art and design schools CUMULUS, ELIA.

Christa Sommerer and Prof. Motifs can be of different nature, such as for example acoustic, spatial, haptic or visual.