UN – Internship views. I have read and accept MindSumo’s Privacy Policy. Consulting Cover Letter and Resume Tips. In this post, I discuss the top 10 tips for consulting cover letters from content to structure to syntax that will avoid embarrassing mistakes and strengthen your candidacy. Researching BCG, I was impressed by the culture at the firm and the way in which it approaches problems. Boston Consulting Group BCG has been recognized as one of the most prominent consulting firms in the world. The interaction was generic, and it feels like a setup to name-drop.

Explain how you came across the vacant position. The firm recruits exceptional graduates and working professionals to join their team. Summarize your qualifications for the position. Login or create an account for free! Cover letters with size 10 font, 0. To simplify things, follow this outline:. Currently it has approximately 78 offices located in 43 countries across the world.

Explore company projects on MindSumo. Review your cover letter a few times before you send it to BCG. Please check the boxes below. Recruiters might question why you stopped working for a couple of years or why you decided to leave sales and pursue a career in management consulting.

Sample cover letter for Internship position at BCG

BCG – Internship views. Cover Letter Tip 2: However, when you fxemple this, explain how your encounter with the consultant has convinced you to pursue a career at BCG.


While enrolled on the internship programme, I developed a deeper understanding of fixed income financial instruments by carrying out detailed analysis on the fundamental drivers of their prices using Microsoft Excel.

I have read and accept MindSumo’s Privacy Policy. Get Full Access Link. Boston Consulting Group BCG has been recognized as one of the most prominent consulting firms in the world. Avoid an elaborate discussion of your educational background. Google is more likely to hire you if your resume includes side projects.

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Research and Network In order to write a letter that creates value to BCG, research the firm and network with people who are or were connected with the firm. See more cover letter examples About 7, samples crowdsourced from your peers who work at the world’s largest companies Browse Cover Letters. Never use more than one page and use PDF format when possible. Think of a Structure Before you turn on your computer and start typing, think about how you will structure your BCG cover letter.

I had a conversation with Sarah Foster, a current case team leader at Bainat the on-campus presentation. You can state your total years of professional experience or highlight two or three accomplishments. Explain how you came across the vacant position.


State whether you read it in a newspaper or heard about it from a connection on LinkedIn. Recruiters only have a short time to review your document so it must expertly convey your qualifications. Consulting Cover Letter Examples.

cover letter bcg exemple

Qualities that make you a good fit e. A section to describe one experience in detail work, student group, etc.

Make sure the consulting cover letter is addressed to the right firm and person.

Why is this a good example? A cover letter must only contain relevant information. I am keen to gain a deeper insight into a career as a management consultant due to its intellectual rigor and have decided to apply to BCG because of its global presence, reputation for excellence and its commitment to thought leadership. Cover Letter Tip 3: Resumes and cover letters should be submitted in PDF exmeple allowed.

cover letter bcg exemple

If your work history listed on your resume has noticeable gaps, or if you are shifting careers, you should explain these issues in your BCG cover letter.

Consulting Cover Letter and Resume Tips.

cover letter bcg exemple

Get access to over 7, cover letters from candidates getting jobs at your target companies. Recruiters are interested in this type of information.