If you want to submit the optional “Letters of Intent,” “Letters of Recommendation,” or similar documents, send them directly to the Computer Science Admission Committee for review. Learn more about the courses required to succeed here in the College of Science and Engineering. Students will take advanced object-oriented programming classes that go well beyond what they practiced as an undergraduate. University of Houston-Clear Lake’s catalog contains the most up-to-date details regarding academic offerings and information for the academic year. They will also learn about computer-based ethical concerns in public and private-sector jobs and academic settings.

The course curriculum is still stuck at C ,Java ,sql,MVC computer networking etc… Where as the other universities design their curriculum especially MIS,CS keeping in mind the hot skills, technologies and tools in the market. For more information visit How to Apply. Students will learn about the intersection of national security and systems security, and will burnish their computer programming and algorithm skills through a series of required classes in these areas. A senior thesis class also allows students to participate in limited research that might prepare them for graduate and doctoral work. The minor in computer science pairs well with engineering fields and business pursuits, and allows students to take up to 18 credits in programming, networking, information systems, and security, without enforcing the advanced quantitative component of the B. They actively engage in research including data mining, pattern recognition, Internet computing, real-time systems, artificial intelligence and algorithms.

The course of study prepares students for professional careers in the computer industry while giving them the foundation necessary for life-long learning in the rapidly changing hhcl field.

Computer Science Program

As one of the most high-demand fields in the current job market, computer science emphasizes the accumulation and practical application of innovation, analysis and problem-solving. To apply to the bachelor of science program in computer science complete the UHCL application. My supposition is that many people attend UHCL part-time to complete a degree while they work full-time.


Andrew Yang Toneluh Andrew A. What are the largest classes at the University of Houston-Clear Lake? How is the management information systems at the University of Houston Clear Lake?

uhcl cs coursework

They integrate their research into their teaching. The minor in computer science pairs well with engineering fields and business pursuits, and allows students to take coirsework to 18 credits in programming, networking, information systems, and security, without enforcing the advanced quantitative component of the B. The University reserves the right to change the requirements given in the catalog at any time.

I have no statistics to back up my answer, so consider this an opinion from casual observation.

uhcl cs coursework

Delta Faculty Bio. Mission Statement The mission of the undergraduate Computer Science program is to prepare students for productive careers in computing by providing an excellent and diverse environment for learning, research, and practice of computing theories, computer applications foursework software development.

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Computer Science Degree Programs in Texas (U-Z) – Best Computer Science Degrees

Students will be required to present their thesis to a faculty panel prior to graduation. Get ready to calculate the course load for your education at University of Houston-Clear Lake!

My particular major MIS has 10 core courses.

Students therefore benefit from the combined attentiveness at Clear Lake and the networking potential of UH Central. In addition to the core requirements enforced across all degree programs, css pursuing a B. Delta Office hours: UT El Paso is home to two Texas firsts: Any academic unit may issue additional or more specific information that is consistent with approved policy. I took my time and self-directed my learning as much as possible.

Computer Science M.S. | University of Houston-Clear Lake

cz Combine Technological Competence with Managerial and Organizational Skills This plan prepares students for key technical, administration and management positions in the analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, operation and management of industrial and commercial computer information systems.


With the ABET seal of approval, these accredited computer science degree programs in Texas give students a prestigious endorsement that will guide them toward success in private sector work, academic settings, and much more. Coursework in the doctoral program at UTA is far more philosophical in nature, and focuses more on both the history and future of computers, ethical considerations in academic and corporate environments, and existential threats to computer security.

Instead we have variety of subjects like Internet application Development, Advance internet application development, Fundamentals of networking, advanced fundamentals of networking. Those who choose the thesis will perform research in on-campus labs alongside professors.

Priority — August 1 Final — November 1.

Department of Computing Sciences

El Paso, TX Phone: Students can also opt to complete a computer science internship for additional credit that might help them broaden their professional appeal after graduation.

And the problem with this 10 subjects is that these 10 subjects do not focus on one particular area of subject.

They can choose to build on a graduate thesis or focus on a new area of concern, and they must utilize this research as the basis for a final presentation to a faculty panel.

Delta Faculty Bio. Courseqork and learning are always evolving and correcting. Students learn about ethical hacking about existential threats to modern computer systems, networks, and global broadband connections.