CH grant falls on a weekend or on a holiday? Careers Innovations in career funding Doc. Details Career funding schemes for period: Increase your research experience through a stay abroad! Details Tour of Swiss universities If this answer has not been helpful to you, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Details Funding despite career interruptions Details Tour of Swiss universities No, there is no age limit. What kind of degree must I have in order to be able to apply for a Doc. Submission to the SNSF Research Commission up to two years after obtaining the degree at the time of the submission deadline.

The SNSF open access policy goes hand in hand with the national strategy pursued by the Swiss higher education institutions.

The maximum period of employment funded by the SNSF is 4 years for doctoral students. Box CH Berne Tel.


Tour of Swiss universities: However, in response to a written request giving reasons, the eligibility period for the submission of an application may be extended see Clause 1.

Submission of proposals How to submit a proposal?

snf dissertation förderung

And they will have unrestricted access to the publications of dissertation colleagues. They can also be applied dussertation to ongoing or approved grants. The Master degree you have acquired Master’s or equivalent from a higher education institution in Switzerland which gives you access to doctoral studies in the humanities and social sciences at a Swiss university.


The introduction of the salary range for doctoral students does not give rise to additional personnel costs. The mobility fellowship must be started no later than twelve months after the date of the ruling.

snf dissertation förderung

Mobility will only be discontinued at the end of and not during the ongoing funding period as dissegtation planned. Contribution towards a Doc. Mobility fellowship for a research stay at the partner university.

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Mobility fellowships in The fellowship rates defined by the SNSF are binding for the year of approval. There is a straightforward process to apply for these grants on the online platform mySNF.

Fonds national dissertaion de la recherche scientifiqueFNS is a science research support organisation mandated by the Swiss Federal Government.

Whether due to motherhood, military snd or an accident – researchers whose career was interrupted for a significant amount of time should not be excluded from funding.

Other employees must make a specific contribution to the research project. The existing salary scales with fixed annual increases for doctoral students are replaced by a flexible salary range.

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It evaluates research proposals submitted by researchers and funds diszertation selected on the basis of scientific criteria. If the actual start of the dissertation took place more than 2 years before the envisaged start of the grant, it is therefore not possible to request a Doc. As a rule, at least one change of higher education institution between the bachelor and the start of doctoral studies.


Switzerland at the top: As until now, doctoral students can only be paid under Dissertarion grants for a maximum of four years. The videos of these presentations are now available in English, French and German on our Youtube channel. Gender equality grant for young women researchers: How do researchers meet the open access requirements?

snf dissertation förderung

fördrung Details Evaluation of Doc. However, a research stay at the same geographic location e. Mobility fellowships are designed for doctoral students who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad.

Details Funding despite career interruptions Their salary costs may not be charged to SNSF grants uninterruptedly over a long period. Is there a biological age limit for submitting a Doc. Based on a decision by the National Research Council, all publications produced in SNSF-funded disserttaion are to be freely available in digital format as of They receive an average offrancs per grant.