In the Hamada model, for example, both the value of debt and equity are stock measures and, theoretically, should be market values. Keeping in view the growth potential of the cellular industry there is no option but to be aggressive in order to remain a potent force in the cellular industry. Equity to assets ratio 11 1. Cellular mobile services in Pakistan commenced in 90s when two cellular mobile telephone licenses were awarded to Paktel and Pak. Financial leverage metrics compare the funds supplied to a company by creditors to the funds supplied by the company’s owners. The foreign operators cost and satellite charges increased to a level of Rs 6, million in FY09 from Rs 3, million in FY

Debt to equity ratio indicates that how much portion of capital structure is being financed by debt. This is much lower than the pre-ICH levels [of 1. The new policy is expected to stimulate the industry and to yield even more dividends for the nation. Debt to equity ratio was used to measure financial leverage whereas financial performance is measured using Return on Asset, Earning per share, Net Profit margin, Sales growth and return on equity. An Investigation from Cement Sector of Pakistan. The major portion of debt arises from current liabilities.

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Today total subscribers have reached The study will use certain ratio as independent and leverage as dependent variable with the help of regression analysis the conclusion will be drawn. The results shows that in manufacturing sector Financial leverage FL has a negative relationship with profitability ROAwhile Size of the firm FS and growth of the firm FG have no impact on financial leverage.


Journal of Finance Research, 22, The capital structure puzzle. As a company increases debt and preferred equities, interest payments increase, reducing EPS. A comparative study of brand A, brand B from the same product line. Apart from these important customers, PTCL targets general public and other small om companies for sale of its landline telecom services like telephone, fax, Internet, as well as other services like CLI, VMS, and Digital Facilities etc.

High fixed cost put adverse impact on firm bottom line which means it reduces net income of the firm. By end-Septembertotal subscribers had reached over If that value is negative, which is in our case, this means there is a negative relationship exist between predictor and dependent variable. And it also has a negative impact which means that increase in leverage decrease the growth of the firm.

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The statistical test result show that there is a significant negative relationship exists between financial leverage and the profitability of the firm in cement manufacturing sector of Pakistan. Summary Researh industry is one of the most Important and main industry of Pakistan. The telecom sector was liberalized but PTCL was still them on opolist of the land line telephone services.

So we will move in the pattern describe below: All projects are in accordance with Virtual University format. This study is going to conduct over both companies named Ufone and Warid in pre-pared connection.

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Error Beta t Sig Constant 1 Journal of Finance, 24, It may be mentioned here that telecom technology is only. Researcher can also conduct comparative study by taking data from different sectors to check the relationship between financial leverage and financial performance. Journal of Financial Economics, 40, The relationship between liquidity and investment is positive but insignificant. The findings from this reseearch are as follows: Ufone considered as a strong competitor in the auction process and was the first to launch 3G in Pakistan, due to its advanced planning and network readiness.


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Therefore, you are not disturbed even if you are at home but are busy in social engagements. The industry posted cumulative revenue of Rs Introduction of mobile call rates allowed the subscribers to call from fixed line to any mobile network in Pakistan on discounted propodal. Conclusion The regression model is used to check the factors that influence on the financial leverage.

research proposal on ufone

This paper is focusing on the effect of the profitability of the firm and its financial leverage on the capital structure of the textile sector companies in Pakistan.

It has also been licenced to provide such services to territories in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Areas.

Marketing Research proposal of Advertising Strategy Ufone and Warid

Also growth has in-significant impact on the financial leverage which means that relationship between them is approximately equal to zero. Services provided will be personal and tailored to individual needs. The company had a huge To achieve our vision by om As a result, risk to stockholder return is increased.