Born in Turnu Severin, he attended school in his native city, entering the University of Craiova in Work history Motoc has been a Romanian diplomat since the early s, when he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. Ceausescu, the Western Press and the Domestic Media,” ibid. Help Center Find new research papers in: Retrieved 8 June Filipescu was the mayor of Bucharest between February and October I didn’t act correctly.

References “Generals from Romania”. The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, Vol. He was replaced as premier by Constantin Argetoianu. Immediately after the establishment of the Iron Guard’s National. His government transferred oversight of the Romanian Cultural Institute from the Presidency to the Parliament, claiming this would increase transparency. In the opening weeks of his mandate, Ponta became involved in several controversies. StudienVerlag , , pp.

curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

In he became a member of the ad hoc Divan of Moldavia, a commission vutae in accordance with the Treaty of Paris to vote on the proposed union of Moldavia and Wallachia the Danubian Principalities.

Macmillan, pp.

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Between and he was a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romaniarepresenting Bucharest. In the interim, he was. Inhe won another term, switching to Arad County. Leader of the Social Democratic Party — Catargiu Florescu Epureanu Ion C.


In late Octobera deadly nightclub fire sparked ample street protests. NelsonSoviet Vicror, Vol. Prime Minister of Romania — Catargiu Florescu Epureanu Ion C.

The Main Issues,” ibid. Promoted colonel inhe resigned from the army in and entered politics.

Order of precedence in Romania as President of the Senate. Lahovari; January 16, — February 7, was a member of the Romanian aristocracy, a general, politician and diplomat who served as the Minister of War and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Romania.

Romanian Ministers of Defence

Retrieved 6 November Gabriel Oprea Romanian pronunciation: The same institution awarded him a master’s degree in Romanian literature the following year, and a doctorate indealing with the Vlachs of Serbia. The Stanger at Hand. Miller, Blond and White, pp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

curriculum vitae victor ciorbea

Victor Ciorbea Romanian pronunciation: That institution’s rector replied to an enquiry by stating an internal verification had revealed Ponta was never at the University of Catania. He commanded the elite battalion that guarded the princely palace in Bucharest on the night of 22 February He attended the military school in his native city from toforming part of the first graduating class, and vicctor his army studies abroad.


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His government transferred oversight vitze the Romanian Cultural Institute from the Presidency to the Parliament, claiming this would increase transparency. The ‘Centripetfugal’ Process of Unifying the Liberals,” ibid. Articles in Journals 1.

Inhe became inspector general of military engineers, heading construction work on the fortifications of Bucharest. He took refuge to Paris, and endeavoured to influence French opinion in favor of the proposed union. Constantin Nicolescu Constantin D. ISBN 0- January 4,Bucharest, Romania. After returning to Romania, he took a position in the Bucharest Court of Appeals.

He resigned from the Cabinet on 19 November to concentrate on party internal affai. He was then appointed the post of the first secretary to the Romanian mission in Paris which he held in –